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Security Tips for Conducting Zoom Depositions

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While the ability to conduct remote depositions has been around for a while, the arrival of the coronavirus has put them in the forefront of the legal community.  Platforms like Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting are being used like never before; and, as a result, are exposing security issues that should be considered when conducting a deposition. 

Below are some protocols to consider prior to conducting your next remote deposition.  Please keep in mind that there are also several other aspects of Zoom depositions (i.e. devices, hardware, connections, etc.) that you will also want to address to ensure your Zoom deposition is a success.

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Security Tips for Zoom Depositions

  • Use Most Current Version of Zoom - Every so often, you will want to click on your User ID in the upper-right corner of the Zoom dialog box and select “Check for Updates.”
  • Require Passwords – Ensure you have gone into your settings and turned on the password requirement option for all sessions you create. The password for the session will then be included in the invite.
  • Enable “Waiting Rooms” – The Waiting Room feature requires the host to allow each participant into the meeting. This will further prevent unwanted guest from joining your meeting in the unlikely event they circumvent your password.
  • Do Not Use “Personal Meeting IDs” – Personal Meeting IDs are a way to use the same meeting number over and over again. As a result, they will be easier to hack than a randomly generated meeting number.

Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters has led the way in court reporting and litigation support technology for over 40 years, and now we welcome the opportunity to assist you with any need you may have. If you would like to learn more about remote depositions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to show you the multitude of services we have to offer. We look forward to making your life easier.

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