Process Service

With almost 30 years of experience serving subpoenas, Thomas & Thomas is your one-stop shop for process service and investigations. We serve legal documents such as subpoenas, Complaints, Summons, and Dissolution of Marriages. We also provide hour-by-hour surveillance in cases of difficult service. Our experience, reliability, and attention to detail provide a positive and favorable result for you.

Need to serve an out-of-state subpoena in Nebraska? Our in-house attorney can file the appropriate Motions and provide you with a fully enforceable subpoena at half the cost.

Process Servers vs. Sheriffs

Compared with sheriffs, did you know that process servers:

  • Faster speed of service
  • Preferred choice of legal professionals
  • Greater customer satisfaction ratings
  • Understanding of process serving laws
  • Cost equivalence

Key Benefits to Process Serving with Thomas & Thomas:

  • A dedicated staff with attention to detail and a matching sense of urgency
  • Friendly and knowledgeable employees who are available via telephone, fax, or email to answer all of your questions about the service of legal documents
  • In-house notary publics
  • Cost effective volume discounts
  • Disbursement of witness fees

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