Court Reporting

At Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters, we provide skilled court reporting, advanced technology and unsurpassed service. Our professional team of court reporters are trained, vetted and reliable. They have the ability to stream realtime text to laptops and mobile devices anywhere in the world, and they do so at over 225 words per minute. We report depositions, trials, hearings, arbitrations, and meetings, including Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Shareholders Meeting.

After the deposition, hearing or trial, our full-time production department quickly delivers the transcript in a wide array of mediums, including full-sized, condensed, word-searchable PDF and E-Transcript. All of our transcripts and exhibits are scanned and archived and can be accessed 24/7 via T&T Online, Thomas & Thomas's online repository, calendaring, and invoicing system.




Since 1977, it has been our job to know your job and you can count on us to get it right. The transfer of information and document management is more important than ever before. We can help you accomplish your job.

Witness Photographs
See your witness's picture on the transcript.

Daily Copies
Receive a complete, final and certified copy by day's end. It's never been easier or more affordable. Advance notice required.

Expedited Copies
Our standard turnaround is 10 business days. We are able to provide you with your transcript when you need it. Need it the next day? No problem. Please let us know at the time you schedule your deposition.

Bundle Discs
CD containing a word-searchable PDF and TXT file of your transcript and exhibits.

Medical/Technical Depositions
Thomas & Thomas's court reporters are professional and experienced. From medical malpractice to asbestos litigation, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a verbatim transcript of your deposition.

Email Confirmations
Avoid costly scheduling errors by receiving an email Confirmation of Scheduling on every deposition. We will confirm the deposition date, time, and services ordered. Additionally, we will reconfirm the day prior to your deposition as a friendly reminder.

Key Benefits to Depositions with Thomas & Thomas:

  • Tested and professional court reporters so you know your transcript will be accurate
  • Same-day turnaround and realtime reporting 
  • The most modern and current court reporting technology available
  • State-of-the-art deposition suites conveniently located in downtown Omaha
  • Scheduling confirmation emails to reduce support staff time scheduling errors

The Court Reporting Certifications Available When Scheduling a Court Reporter/Videographer:

  • RPR: A Registered Professional Reporter is a court reporter who has been certified by the National Court Reporters Association ("NCRA"). To become certified, an RPR must pass a series of national test: a written knowledge test and 3 separate skills tests of 180, 200, and 225 words per minute. As of 2012, there were more than 10,000 RPRs in the United States.
  • RMR: A Registered Merit Reporter is a court reporter who has been certified by the National Court Reporters Association ("NCRA"). To become certified, an RMR must pass a series of national tests at speeds of 200, 240, and 260 words per minute. 
  • CRR: A Certified Realtime Reporter is a court reporter who has been certified by the National Court Reporters Association ("NCRA"). To become certified, a CRR uses a stenotype machine in real time and manipulates the transcribed results using the Computer Aided Transcript method. CRRs are capable of supplying instant text to attorneys wirelessly or via a computer hookup, similar to closed-captioned television. Realtime provides the attorney with an almost simultaneous transcript.
  • CLVS: A Certified Legal Video Specialist is a legal videographer who has become certified by the National Court Reporters Association ("NCRA"). The program involves a three-step certification process that measures and validates the legal videographer's professional skills and expertise in producing video in a legal environment.

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Trials, Hearings, Arbitrations, and Meetings

Need a transcript for a trial or hearing? Need an arbitration or meeting recorded? Thomas & Thomas has you covered. Thomas & Thomas provides the same, high-quality services provided during depositions as we do during your trial, hearing, arbitration or meeting. As with all of our court reporting services, Thomas & Thomas can provide you with realtime and other current technologies every step of the way.


"Realtime" is the general term for transcription by court reporters using real-time technologies to deliver computer text screens within a few seconds of the words being spoken. Think of realtime as closed captioning for attorneys. Thomas & Thomas prides itself on having the best, most accurate realtime reporters around. Be sure to take the realtime challenge at your next deposition or hearing and see all of the advantages realtime can make. Management tools such as CaseViewNet, Bridge, LiveNote, or Transcript Manager Pro allows participants in court hearings or depositions to make notes in the text and highlight portions for future reference.

Benefits of realtime include:

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting

Thomas & Thomas at Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Shareholders Meeting

  • Read, hear, and see questions and answers as they happen
  • Quickly create and modify annotations right on the transcript
  • Highlight important text for future reference
  • Scrolling text that you can start and stop at will for pinpoint questioning
  • Easily search the transcript for specific words or phrases
  • Communicate with other team members during your deposition or hearing through online chat

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Streaming Realtime Text

Streaming deposition and trial testimony by realtime court reporters over the internet to remote locations is beneficial to attorneys and the Court. Internet streaming allows attorneys to monitor or participate in a "live" deposition using a computer from a remote site. Having access to the internet is becoming easier all the time as most law firms, meeting spaces and hotels offer this service, even in rural areas.

The key to successful streaming is the court reporter not only has to be a clean and proficient writer, but also be very knowledgeable in the different softwares that allow the streaming to take place.

Any attorney can participate in the deposition process no matter where he or she is physically located, thus saving time, energy and money and enjoying the added convenience streaming realtime text over the internet offers. On large cases when trying to coordinate attorneys' schedules, participating remotely from your office is not only a convenience for the schedulers, but you also avoid the delays of air travel to and from depositions.

Court reporters have an amazing talent and ability to make streaming happen for litigants, clients and the court. Having the ability to send a realtime feed of every word that is said is the ultimate in providing an instant translation of the spoken word.


Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the instant translation of the spoken word into English text using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and realtime software. The text produced by the CART service can be displayed on an individual's computer monitor, projected onto a screen, combined with a video presentation to appear as captions, or otherwise made using other transmission and display systems.

How does CART work?
A trained court reporter attends the class, meeting, convention, symposium, workshop, or graduation with the individual(s) that needs the CART services. The court reporter connects his or her stenograph machine and laptop to the desired display system and transcribes whatever is said. This information is then displayed as text on the display system for everyone to see. After the event, the court reporter has the ability to provide a copy of what was said for future reference and archiving.

Thomas & Thomas currently provides CART for:

  • Classes
  • Homeland Security meetings
  • Conferences
  • Board meetings
  • Conventions
  • Symposiums

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Deposition Suites

Traveling to Nebraska? Thomas & Thomas has three newly remodeled deposition suites in the heart of downtown Omaha. They are equipped with internet access, videoconferencing, and friendly support staff. We are conveniently located minutes from Eppley Airfield and are walking distance from numerous Old Market hotels.

Need a deposition suite or conference room elsewhere? Because Thomas & Thomas is part of a worldwide network of reporting agencies, we have access to hundreds of rooms nationwide. 

Deposition suite amenities include:

  • Coffee, soda, and bottled water
  • Internet access
  • Videoconferencing
  • Telephone usage - Polycom SoundStations
  • Copy and fax machines

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Telephonic Depositions & Conference Calls

Whether you're scheduling a telephonic deposition in advance or at the last minute, we have you covered. We will provide you with a conference call dial-in number in moments, and our Polycom SoundStations will heighten your telephonic deposition experience. With intelligent mixing and dynamic noise reduction, you will think you are in the room.

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