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Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters Provides Trial Presentation Services for JAMS Arbitration in San Francisco, CA

SERVICES: Trial Presentation Services, Trial Technician, and PowerPoint Creation

CASE CAPTION: Confidential

CASE TYPE: Breach of Contract

COURT: JAMS (Arbitration)

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

ARBITRATOR: Alexander “Lex” Brainerd, Esq.

LAW FIRMS: Confidential

OVERVIEW: Provided trial technician to display exhibits and PowerPoints at the arbitration. Used OnCue to create callouts and highlights of exhibits for use in PowerPoint. Also assisted with Zoom/remote testimony, as this was a hybrid arbitration with some of the parties appearing n in person and some appearing remotely.

UNIQUE ASPECT OF TRIAL: This arbitration was conducted at the tail end of COVID so a lot of the COVID restrictions were still in place. Just prior to the start of the arbitration, one of the attorneys got sick so they had to participate remotely. This added another level of complexity, as we were continuously ensuring that attorney was receiving all of the evidence and testimony being presented. Several of the witnesses also appeared remotely. As a result, we utilized Zoom’s share screen function to display the in-person presentation to the remote participants. The combination of OnCue and Zoom worked seamlessly to show exhibits, videos, and PowerPoints.

RESULT: Confidential.






Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters has led the way in court reporting and litigation support technology for over 40 years, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you with any need you may have. If you would like to learn more about trial presentation services, trial technicians, and/or trial graphics, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to show you the multitude of services we have to offer. We look forward to making your life easier.

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Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters Provides Trial Services in Community Theater

Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters Provides Trial Services in Community Theater

SERVICES:  Trial Presentation Services, Trial Technician, A/V Equipment Rental, and PowerPoint Creation

CASE CAPTION:  Estate of Matthew P. Perkins, By and Through Its Administrator, David Perkins, and David  Perkins and Wilma A. Perkins, Individually vs. Sheryl R. Stalzer and Richard Stalzer; LACI10621

CASE TYPE:  Wrongful Death

COURT:  Iowa District Court for Marshall County

JUDGE:  Judge James C. Ellefson

LAW FIRMS:  Fredd J. Haas Law Offices, PC (Plaintiffs) and UNKNOWN (Defendants)

OVERVIEW:  Providing trial technician to display exhibits, PowerPoints, and video depositions at trial.  Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters was also responsible for the A/V equipment and ensuring all the A/V equipment was setup correctly.

UNIQUE ASPECT OF TRIAL:  The unique aspect of this trial was the fact that it was held at the community theaters (The Orpheum) instead of the courthouse, as the courthouse was partially destroyed after a tornado came through Marshalltown on July 19, 2018 and was not quite ready to hold trials at the time. 

Because the trial was not held in a traditional courtroom, additional A/V equipment was needed to ensure a clear and visible presentation was possible.  Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters utilized a 100” projector screen as the main display and then split the signal to the TV that was already in the space so that the room would have a secondary screen for alternate viewing.  A separate trial tech table was also utilized due to limited space and the room’s configuration. 

As with lots of spaces, line of sight was of particular concern here.  We had to place the projector screen off to the side, but at enough of an angle so that everyone could see it.  The secondar monitor was then positioned on the opposite side so that those closest to it didn’t have to look all the way across the room, if so desired.  Here, we were able to utilize the TV’s speakers for audio playback instead of the projector’s internal speakers or brining in a standalone speaker.                       

RESULT:  $6,000,000 settlement several hours after the jury left to deliberate.


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