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Trial Presentation Services - The Future of Presenting a Case at Trial

From discovery through trial, Thomas & Thomas has you covered.


Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters is a full-service litigation support firm providing strategic consulting to litigators nationwide, from discovery through trial.

We pride ourselves on our mastery of technology in the courtroom. Not only can we help you in the initial discovery process, but we can also support you during the intensive preparation leading up to trial.

With almost 40 years of experience in the industry, we are confident you will be delighted with the quality of our trial consulting services and competitive pricing. Our trial consultants are seasoned professionals providing consistent, high-quality trial preparation and presentation services for our clients.




Our litigation services include:


  • Demonstrative graphics
  • Document management
  • On-site trial support
  • Video services


So whatever trial support services your firm may need, why not contact us today for more information.  We can discuss your requirements in detail and provide you with references, if needed, and competitive, affordable pricing.


Call us (402-556-5000) or email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information.


Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters is leading the way in trial presentation services and we welcome the opportunity to assist you with any litigation or court reporting issues you may have.  Please call our office to schedule a personal meeting. Let us show you the benefits of the multitude of services we have to offer. We look forward to making your life easier.

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Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters Provides Trial Presentation Services for Trademark Case in Wilmington, Delaware

Earlier this month, one of Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters' Trial Consultants provided trial presentation services for a trademark case in the United District Court - District of Delaware.  Although the matter did not go to trial, Thomas & Thomas' trial consultant, Geoffrey S. Thomas, J.D., provided invaluable trial preparation assistance to the law firm and attorneys involved.  Mr. Thomas was tasked with creating and presenting deposition clips, organizing exhibits, demonstratives, and PowerPoint presentations, and simulating in-court presentations to prepare the witnesses for trial.  This particular case was made even more difficult due to the time limitations each side had to present their case.  This meant Mr. Thomas had to have everything fine-tuned and ready to present on TrialDirector, as seconds and minutes were of the essence.  




Thomas & Thomas is Nebraska and Iowa's leader in trial presentation services.  Whether you are in Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Des Moines or beyond, as with our court reporting services, we can now also support your growing trial practice with our Trial Services Department.  From mediations to the courtroom, Thomas & Thomas can give you the technical support and courtroom expertise you need to win your next case.  We provide our clients with everything they need to create a visually persuasive presentation for any environment, including professional audio/visual equipment, video editing, synchronized videotaped deposition clips, and trial presentation software.  We also design digital timelines, tiral graphics, and opening and closing presentations, to help you prove your case to the trier of fact.

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Local Attorney Earns National Certificate

Local Attorney Earns National Certificate

VIENNA, Va., May 22, 2014—The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), the country’s leading organization representing stenographic court reporters and captioners, has announced that attorney Geoffrey S. Thomas has earned the nationally recognized Trial Presentation Professional certificate, acknowledging his high level of knowledge and understanding of the use of electronics in trial presentation software to present evidence in court. 


“As new technologies emerge, IT professionals, courtroom personnel, and trial presenters often have a wide range of equipment available to them in each new situation,” says Jim Cudahy, CEO and executive director of NCRA. “Trial Presentation Professionals are well versed in recognizing new technology and equipment and in determining which types are best suited to present evidence for the courtroom situation to in question.”


Thomas, from Omaha, Nebraska, is a member of NCRA and has worked in the court reporting industry since 2012. Thomas is currently employed at Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters and Certified Legal Video, LLC.


The certificates are awarded to legal videographers, reporters, IT professionals, attorneys and paralegals who hold the knowledge and understanding of the use of electronic trial presentation software to present evidence in court. The certificate is awarded upon completion of a one-and-one-half day-long seminar and passage of a comprehensive written exam that focuses on presenting evidence at trial via multiple software platforms.


“I am excited to be able to offer our clients throughout Nebraska, Iowa and the Midwest professional trial presentation services.  Being able to competently and confidently provide assistance to attorneys in the courtroom will just add to the numerous services Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters already offers.  The future of courtroom advocacy is rooted in technology and we are eager to be at the forefront of that shift."

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