Go Green with Thomas & Thomas

Each year, the court reporting industry utilizes enormous amounts of paper to print transcripts of depositions and other legal documents. In an effort to counter these negative effects, Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters has made a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our environmentally-friendly efforts include:go green

  • Increasing waste diversion by recycling all paper, bottles and cans
  • Purchasing Energy Star-rated office equipment and appliances
  • Conserving fossil fuels by encouraging walking, biking, and use of public transportation by all employees
  • Encouraging our attorney clients to securely access their transcripts and exhibits electronically instead of traditional paper delivery
  • Sending invoices electronically to avoid wasted paper and delivery

We are proud to be taking an active role in reducing our impact on our local and regional environments in which we operate and committed to utilizing sustainable business practices.

Interested in how your office can make a difference?

  • Read your electronic transcript from a computer or tablet to avoid printing and shipping
  • Request a .pdf-searchable transcript and scanned exhibits instead of a hard copy
  • Choose videoconferencing for your next deposition instead of emitting fossil fuels by traveling across the state or country
  • Email deposition notices instead of mailing or faxing them